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Matthew J Morrison


--Speculative Fiction Author--

horror | fantasy | science fiction



“Emma once told me that every community in the world has its secrets…some are just darker than others.”

When Emma drops her backpack in the local pub, the barman’s nephew immediately falls for the exotic and free-spirited young woman.


But as he begins introducing her to his favourite haunts in the mountains, she directs her affections elsewhere.

In doing so, however, she attracts the attention of the village’s spectral secret—the Bergmann Sisters.


Matthew is an author of horror, fantasy and science fiction. His short stories have appeared in Midnight Echo, Andromeda Spaceways and Aurealis magazines, as well as the odd small press anthology.

His short story 'The Banksia Boys' won the Australian Shadows Award for Short Fiction for 2017, and he has twice earned an Honourable Mention in the Australian Horror Writers Association's Short Story/Flash Fiction Competition.

He lives is Tasmania with the most understanding family in the world.

He tweets under the handle @acutemattiosis.

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