Music is an extremely important part of my life and my creative process. I am a voracious user of Spotify.

For most of my stories, I create playlists--songs that get me in the mindset of the characters as I write.

They can contain lyrics they resonate with the plot or riffs that set the mood, or just plain earworms I can't stop listening to at the time.

And being a child of the '80s, I believe mix tapes are made to be shared.

So, enjoy...


The Banksia Boys

'The Banksia Boys' first appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Issue #66 (March 2017).

I've since self-published it as a stand-alone short story, available Amazon.

I chose 'Analyse' by The Cranberries because the lyric 'paralysing your evolution' spoke to Henry's journey. 'Willow Tree', as with all Not Drowning, Waving songs, has such an Australiana feel to it.

'Bullet with Butterfly Wings' gave me an insight to the psyche of O'Neill (Henry's nemesis) -- 'despite all my rage...'. Portishead's 'Sour Times' -- 'nobody loves me...not like you do' -- nuff said.

The drop in 'See You're Leaving' by The Clouds, was so indicative of the moment Henry snaps, I had to include it. As was Hans Zimmer's 'Dream is Collapsing' (from the Inception soundtrack) of the climax on the waterfall's edge.

And The Tea Party's 'Coming Home' simply because 'I'm coming home' with power chords!


Old Man Red Gum

'Old Man Red Gum' first appeared in Midnight Echo Issue #12 (December 2017).

It's the story of a young boy, living with his family in an Australian bush homestead, who fears an old gum tree that has a dark history with his family.

The playlist is very short--it had its genesis during the final edit phase of the story only.

Little bit heavy--Pearl Jam--but mostly introspective--The Cure and The Smiths. Plus a Not Drowning, Waving thrown in to get me into an Australiana headspace.